Are You Using the Ideal Snooker Cue for Your Needs?

Enjoyed by many across the world – on a recreational to professional level – snooker has graced pubs and competitions alike for generations. An important element of the game has to be the quality of the snooker cue used, with it having a big influence on the success of the player and, ultimately, the enjoyment […]

Snooker and Pool Chalk

The use of chalk to increase friction between the cue and the ball dates back to the 1840s. It is believed that John Carr, a professional billiards player from Yorkshire, was the first to start twisting chalk into his cue tip. The practice quickly caught on, and by the Victorian era, it was common for […]

How to Hold a Pool Cue

Regardless of whether you play in competitions, or you just play pool every now and again, it always feels good when you get a perfect shot.  If you are learning to play, or you wish to do better at the game, do not assume that all you need is a cue, table and the pool […]

A Buyer’s Guide for the Best Pool Table

Pool tables have been a staple in many game rooms at homes. That’s why it’s not surprising if you’re considering buying one. There are things you will want to consider if you want to have the best pool table. You need to check the sizes, style, and prices among many others to determine if the […]

Could a ¾ Jointed Snooker Cue Be for You?

Amongst professionals and amateurs alike, the ¾ jointed snooker cue continues to gain popularity. If you’re currently in the market for a new snooker cue but aren’t sure which type to opt for, it’s important to understand what each variety of cue can offer. You need to consider what would be best suited to your […]

All About our Pool Tables

Here at Cue Power, we have an extensive collection of tables available for a variety of table games, specialising in snooker and pool tables. Whether you are a professional player, a hobbyist, or a venue looking for a top-quality pool table or pool table lighting, you have come to the right place. As well as […]

Our Snooker Equipment

At Cuepower, our goal is to offer everything you need to enjoy the great game of snooker in one convenient place.  It would be quite possible for someone to assemble a full size snooker room, complete with accessories, from the articles on this site.  But that doesn’t mean we compromise on quality – our products […]

All About Our Snooker Tables

Here at Cue Power, we provide our customers tables for a wide range of table games. We provide, specialising in both snooker and pool tables. Today our focus will be on our range of snooker tables. Whether a professional player looking to practise, a hobbyist looking to play at home, or a venue wanting to […]

Snooker Cues and The Different Types Available

Snooker is a popular game enjoyed all over the world, but holds a special place in the hearts of Britain. Whether you’re playing casually for fun at your local pub, or professionally and at a competitive level, snooker is a relaxing yet rewarding game that can be enjoyed by all levels of experience. When it […]

Are All Snooker Tables the Same Size?

When it comes to the size of snooker tables, there is an easy answer to the question above: no. Although technically, the measurements of a standard snooker table should be 356.9 cm (11 feet 8.5 inches) by 177.8 cm (5 feet 10 inches), this is only the case from a full-size table, with six pocket […]

Our Tips for Buying Snooker Tables

Here at Cuepower, we are pleased to supply our customers with snooker tables, and today we are going to shine the spotlight on this item and provide you with some top tips for purchasing your own snooker table, so you know what elements you need to consider when looking at which snooker tables are for […]

All About Our Accessories

Here at, we have an extensive range of accessories within ten different categories. Within our accessories section, you will find chalks and chalk holders, cue extensions, cue racks, player accessories, practise equipment, rests, scoreboards, snooker and pool balls, table maintenance, plus tips and re-tipping. Read on to find out more about the accessories in […]

How to Design your Own Cue

If you’re looking for a cue that is perfectly suited to you, as well as exploring our extensive collection at Cuepower, we also offer our customers the choice to design their own cues. This can be done easily online via our online Peradon CueWizard. You can even receive an 8% discount from your total order. […]

All About Table Football

Table football – also known colloquially as foosball – is a table-top game, loosely based on football, whereby the aim of the game is to scores as many goals in your opponent’s goal. It consists of two sets of rotating control knobs with ‘players’ fixed to each one as you and your opponent battle it […]

Protect your Cues with our Centre Jointed Cue Cases

Cue sports, including snooker, billiards and pool, are very social activities.  Most of those who like to watch the professional game are players themselves, which maintains a bond of empathy between enthusiasts at all levels.  A player’s cue is a very personal item, like a writer’s pen or a musician’s instrument – it’s the tool […]

All About Our Snooker and Pool Cues

Whether you’re a professional player or a hobbyist, you will know that there are a great many options when it comes to snooker and pool cues. Today we’re going to focus on the range of cues, so you can find the ideal cue to play with for you, whether a complete novice or a seasoned […]

All About Our Cue Racks

Cue racks provide the perfect setting for your pool, snooker, and billiard cues. They provide easy access, whilst still being supported. Rather than have cues laying on the tables or propped against a wall, cue racks offer a professional quality to whatever environment in which they are placed. At, our goal is to offer […]

All About Our Table Cloths

Here at, we supply a variety of different kinds of table cloths, whether for Snooker, (British) Pool, or American Pool. So, if you’re looking for a pool table cloth replacement, we have plenty for sale from our UK company. Today we’re going to focus our attention on these three different types of cloth available. […]

About Our Pool Tables

Any traditional game or sport can evoke images and feelings which are linked to the activity.  The tranquillity of a bowling green on a sunny afternoon, old men in flat caps snoozing on white benches.  Or a windswept football stadium terrace, with ten thousand fans singing in raucous unison.  Pool is another game which has […]

Why do we need Pool and Snooker Cue Cases?

Whether you’re playing American pool or not, or whatever type of cue you are using, the fragile nature of a cue means it will need protection.  Ash and Oak are strong hardwoods; however, this does not guarantee full protection against it splitting, breaking in half, becoming warped or getting scratched. The composition and shape of […]

The Origin of Snooker Cues

Just as you can’t play cricket without a bat, or tennis without a racket, when it comes to the sport that’s snooker, you can’t play without a decent snooker cue. To the novice, a snooker cue is simply a stick to push the balls on the table, but as any true fan of the sport […]

Pool Cue Supplies

When you are playing pool, choosing the right pool cues, not only for you as a player but for the individual shot you wish to make, is an essential part of the game.  As the game of pool is all about strategy, precision and calculation, putting thought into the selection of your pool cues is […]