Cue Extensions

Cue Extensions

Here at Cue Power, we supply an extensive collection of equipment for various table games, specialising in snooker and pool. Whether you are a beginner or professional player, we can provide you with high-quality accessories to improve your game. Included in our collection is a range of snooker and pool cue extensions to lengthen your cue.

As you play snooker or pool, you may find the standard equipment is not as effective as you would like. Maybe you grip the end of the butt, or you might struggle with long, hard-to-reach shots. By extending the length of your cue with a cue extension, you can boost the comfort levels of your cue and improve your game performance. Once you adjust to the altered balance and weight, even a slight extension can enhance your experience and gameplay.

At Cue Power, we offer an extensive collection of extensions from leading brands to suit any requirements. We supply choices of style, material, and application, such as push on and screw-in extensions. Whether you are looking for a fixed-length or an adjustable telescopic extension, our team can offer professional insight to equip you with the right accessory today.

To learn more about us and our range of extensions for cues, you can read our FAQs and get in touch by emailing If you would like to speak to a member of our team directly, call 033312 147 147, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have for us.

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