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Snooker Scoreboards

When you’re playing a snooker match with friends, you need the right scoreboard to keep on top of things. You might be playing a complex game with four people, or need the right material to suit the style of your table. That’s why – here at – we specialise in providing you with the perfect snooker scoreboards for your home or establishment.

Our antique snooker scoreboards, such as our deluxe two player scoreboard, are ideal for helping you keep track of your score. Our scoreboards come in a traditional style with a mahogany coloured finish, complete with brass marker rails and pointers. These scoreboards can be hung on the wall, or wherever is most practical. For snooker matches with younger players, we can also provide a junior scoreboard.

To support our wonderful snooker scoreboards, we also offer an impressive range of accessories just in case your scoreboard is broken, or needs an update. Our replacement scoreboard marker strips are available in gold and silver and are easy to peel and stick onto your board. If you would like your scoreboard to look even more impressive, we can also provide scoreboard marker rails and pointers in solid brass or chrome.

For those who need more light for their table, take a look at our traditional bronze snooker light – ideal for gracing any snooker or pool room.

Whatever snooker scoreboard or accessories you need, we at aim to provide you with the ideal solution. If you are interested in purchasing one of our antique snooker scoreboards, please take a look at the range of products we have available, or give us a call or email today. We’d be delighted to find the right scoreboard for your needs.

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