Snooker Scoreboards

If you are the kind of cue sports player for whom taking part is more important than winning, you might want to skip straight to our other accessories.  For the rest of us, here are the scoreboards which are designed to compliment the aesthetic of a well appointed pub, snooker club or pool hall, while keeping track of your points so that everyone can celebrate your glorious wins!

We believe a snooker scoreboard should have a style which fits in with the rest of the game equipment.  All cue sports have a rich heritage and tradition, and traditional materials like wood, brass and chrome make fitting appointments for tables, cues, and of course snooker and billiard scoreboard arrangements.  You may sometimes see an electronic snooker scoreboard used for televised competitions, but at Cuepower we prefer the classic approach.  This makes for an authentic playing experience using time-honoured equipment and accessories.  Some organisations, such as clubs with a long and proud history, like to use an antique snooker scoreboard in order to hark back to the days when table games were the hottest thing on many social scenes.  Well, our collection of high quality snooker scoreboards with a range of classic looks can accommodate you.

When you have found a venue with a top quality table and have brought along your own favourite cue, don’t let the completeness of the occasion be spoiled by details such as not having the proper way to score your game.  If you are a venue owner, such as a pub landlord or club administrator, the players who frequent your establishment will thank you for putting in the effort to install a proper snooker or pool table scoreboard for them to use for their games.  Give in to your competitive streak and order a classic scoreboard from Cuepower!

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