All About our Pool Tables

Here at Cue Power, we have an extensive collection of tables available for a variety of table games, specialising in snooker and pool tables. Whether you are a professional player, a hobbyist, or a venue looking for a top-quality pool table or pool table lighting, you have come to the right place. As well as providing hours of entertainment, our supreme pool tables complement your space and make a striking statement. Read on to learn about the game of pool and to discover our quality pool tables for sale.

The Game of Pool

Specialising in pool tables, Cue Power can share with you our wealth of knowledge about the wonderful game of pool. Similar to billiards and snooker, pool is an accessible social game that is played in relaxed and professional settings. While pool is open to novices and friendly games, it also demands skill and dedication to master. Pool tables are a staple in entertainment venues such as pubs, bars, and leisure centres. Whether you are looking for a table for a domestic or commercial setting, we can help you find the perfect fit from our range of pool tables for sale.

Traditional Pool Tables

Have you ever wondered why pool tables are dressed in green cloth? The game of pool originated as an outside sport, like croquet. When it later transitioned to the indoor table game we love, they used green fabric to resemble grass. Here at Cue Power, we offer a collection of Traditional Pool Tables, available in classic green and other colours, wood finishes, and dimensions.

We only source our traditional pool tables from brands we know and trust. We have a range of options for different tastes, playing abilities and budgets. No matter how large or small your space, you will find the right fit for you as our products are available in sizes from 5ft up to 8ft. If you are not ready to commit to a full-sized table, we also offer two lay flat tables you can fold away for discreet storage and flexible living space.

American Pool Tables

We offer our UK customers a range of American pool tables with a choice of sizes, woods, and finishes. We stock American pool tables from Buffalo and Sam, two brands that offer stylised, high-quality pool tables that range from 6ft to 9ft. These tables are popular with commercial clients because of their size and for domestic customers looking for a statement piece. You can browse our selection of Buffalo American Pool Tables and Sam American Pool Tables available to customers based in mainland UK.

Contact Us

For more information about our pool tables and other services, you can read our F.A.Q. and get in touch. If you would like to speak to us directly, please call 033312 147 147 or email and we will be pleased to offer our advice and answer any questions you have for us.