Pool and Snooker Accessories

The Accessories are split into nine separate categories see below. Our new Player Accessories category includes an expanding selection of useful practice aids and gadgets like the Q-rite rest extension used regularly on TV by Steve Davis. In Chalk and chalk holders we have a wide range of coloured chalks suitable for different snooker or pool table cloths. Chalk holders include leather pouches and magnetic chalk holders. Tips and re-tipping equipment have tips from different manufacturers like Elkmaster and Blue Diamond with sizes ranging from 8mm to 13mm. The re-tipping equipment section includes clamps to help align and hold the new tip in place and tip files and shapers to keep your tip the perfect condition. In our rest section we have a choice of Maple and Ash shafts as well as the full range of half butt, full butt and rest shafts. We also provide the full range of rest heads including the spider, extended spider, cross rest, swan neck.

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