Are you using the ideal Snooker Cue for your needs?

Enjoyed by many across the world – on a recreational to professional level – snooker has graced pubs and competitions alike for generations. An important element of the game has to be the quality of the snooker cue used, with it having a big influence on the success of the player and, ultimately, the enjoyment of the game.

Here at Cuepower, we’re all too aware of the benefits that can be gleaned from utilising the right kind of snooker cue, so we decided to give you the lowdown on the seven best types of snooker cues for your requirements:

1 Piece Snooker Cues

The old faithful, the 1-piece snooker cue is the most popular option, that you’ll undoubtedly be most accustomed to. Synonymous with pub pool and snooker tables, these models are great for recreational playing in one place – not the best sizes for travelling.

2 Piece Snooker Cues

Far easier to transport than its 1-piece counterpart, the 2-piece snooker cue usually has a hinge at its middle, allowing it to be folded and put into a carry case. This is great for professional or serious snooker players as they can keep their equipment safe in an easily-movable setup.

¾ Jointed Snooker Cues

Some of our most prestigious snooker cues, made of beautiful ash wood and ebony, the ¾ jointed snooker cues offer the same benefits as the 1-piece snooker cue, with the added ease of storage and travel.

8 Ball Pool Cues

Known as English pool cues, the 8-ball pool cue usually has a screw-out butt, which can be interchangeable with larger and smaller parts – helping out with those awkward shots when required.

Short Cues (36-54”)

Want to introduce your young ones to the art of pool and snooker? We have an array of smaller snooker cues that will be suitable for smaller players and those looking to play in cramped spaces – e.g. if you have popped a temporary pool table in your living room.

American Pool Cues

Usually made of maple instead of the British ash, coming in at around 58” in length, American pool cues are larger than their counterparts, primarily due to the fact that American pool balls as heavier. It is not recommended to use a British or European cue with an American ball as the impact may cause the cue to split.

Break and Jump Cues

A multi-purpose option, designed primarily for the jump shots in the American pool – with the implementation of a second joint at the wrap line – which is then removed for jump shots as it removes up to 50% of the original weight of the cue. This makes it easier to negotiate.

Here at Cuepower, you can find all of these types of snooker and pool cues for sale, making it easier for you to achieve your best game performance. Peruse our selection or contact us today if you can’t see what it is you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact with any queries.