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When it comes to cue sports, here at Cue Power we want to give everyone the opportunity to engage in the level of the game that they wish too.  This means that if someone enjoys a quick game down at the local snooker club, or even a game of pool along with a pint every Saturday night with their friends, or someone wishes to take the sport more seriously, maybe even professionally, we have everything they could possibly need to do so.

Accessories are often the most overlooked products in any sport.  However, snooker player accessories or pool player accessories can soon separate the novice players from accomplished and skilful players.  Even if you enjoy a game every now and again, when other commitments and hobbies allow for it, owning your own accessories can make a big difference to your enjoyment and game play.

A snooker or pool cue shaft polisher, such as the ones we have available for purchase, is extremely important to the game.  The aim and the strike of the ball, depends very much upon the smoothness of the surface of the cue as it runs between your fingers and hands.  Having complete control is key to the success of your game.  By using a pool or snooker cue shaft polisher, you can smooth out the surface, allowing you to perfect your aim.  Likewise, chalk stops the cue from slipping over or under the ball when you make your strike, and instead provides the friction that allows you to govern which direction you mean to send your ball in.  Most places that have a table such as pubs and local snooker clubs keep a supply of chalk available for players.  However, we have a choice a chalk cases that allows you to keep it handy on your person whenever you need it, without messing up your clothes by keeping it in your pocket instead.

The micro fibre cue towel is one of our best buys to ensure you remove any perspiration from the shaft when playing for extensive periods of time.  It can also allow you to clean you cues effectively, keeping everything in good condition before you place them back in the case.

When you’re trying to decide what to buy as a present for a friend or family member, then these items make a good choice of gift for those wanting to purchase something for a loved one who enjoys a game of snooker or pool.  Whereas buying a cue, or even a set of billiard balls, can be difficult to do without some knowledge of the game or the recipients’ preferences, purchasing a pool cue towel or a snooker cue towel perhaps along with a few other goodies such as a leather chalk case, and tip burnisher, provides a more personal choice of gift based on what the person loves and enjoys, without the danger of choosing the wrong thing.

We also have other choices of accessories available.  For more information or advice, please feel free to contact us directly.

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