Our Snooker Equipment

At Cuepower, our goal is to offer everything you need to enjoy the great game of snooker in one convenient place.  It would be quite possible for someone to assemble a full size snooker room, complete with accessories, from the articles on this site.  But that doesn’t mean we compromise on quality – our products come in complete ranges, from affordable items for beginners, to premium products of exceptional quality worthy of professional players.

Types of products available from Cuepower include:


In order to play a fair and enjoyable game, a well made snooker table with a nice flat bed and well padded cushions is a must.  Of course, we’d all love to have access to a professional quality full size snooker table, but many of us simply don’t have the room for that.  But you can still have a thoroughly enjoyable game on a smaller table, which presents new challenges and makes you work harder on your game.  Many of us started playing on portable tables which can be attached to kitchen table surfaces, and they are available here too.  But as soon as we could, we upgraded to a purpose built table in a size convenient to the room we had available.

The snooker tables for sale on our site all have excellent pedigree, so you know you’ll be getting a great product regardless of constraints in terms of space or budget.  We also sell authentic snooker hall type lighting, which is essential to creating the right atmosphere for your games.


A cue is a very personal item for a dedicated snooker player, and finding the right one for you is a central part to finding your identity within the game.  Will you go for a one piece or two piece snooker cue?  If the latter, will you choose a centre jointed or ¾ jointed design?  All these options are available here.

For those who know exactly what they want, the company behind Peradon Snooker Cues will build bespoke snooker cues to our customers’ specifications.  Get in touch with us directly to benefit from this amazing service, including an exclusive Cuepower discount!


The third essential ingredient for a game of snooker is a good set of snooker balls.  This page has a selection along with related items such as triangles, cases and ball cleaning fluid.


Chalk is probably the most important of all the ‘extras’ available for use during a snooker game.  The grip that chalk provides when you play a shot can be underestimated by beginning players, but more experienced players are quick to spot its advantages and all have their favourite type.  Chalk accessories such as holders are here too, from distinguished leather pouches to the latest magnetic holders.

Cue Cases & Parts

From tips to extensions to rests and more, you really can find anything you need for a complete snooker set up right here.  Make us your first pot of call for snooker gear and accessories for players of all levels.