Protect your Cues with our Centre Jointed Cue Cases

Cue sports, including snooker, billiards and pool, are very social activities.  Most of those who like to watch the professional game are players themselves, which maintains a bond of empathy between enthusiasts at all levels.  A player’s cue is a very personal item, like a writer’s pen or a musician’s instrument – it’s the tool through which you demonstrate your skill and express your personality.  At Cuepower we have made it our mission to supply a diverse range of high quality branded products at affordable prices, which is why our customers return to us season after season.  We believe our current range of snooker and pool cues cannot be bettered for quality and value.

Once you have found a cue with the perfect weight and profile to take your game to the next level, you will need a way to protect it in transit.  After all, using the cues at your local pub or club just isn’t an option – you never know what piece of junk you may be forced to play with.  And even if they have reasonable equipment, things are so much better when you play with your cue, the ones which works with your style and firs your hands perfectly.

To make transportation easier, cues are available with Centre Joints – that is they are jointed in the middle of the cue so that the shaft and butt sections are of equal length. This makes for the minimum overall carrying length for a 2 piece cue.  At Cuepower, we carry an extensive range of centre jointed cue cases to protect these cues in your car, on the bus, or when carried into the club.  We also carry cases for ¾ jointed cues and 1 piece cues.

Several top brands make 2 piece cue cases for you to choose from.  Our top rated Peradon cue case is made from splash proof soft nylon to protect your cue when it is being carried to and from the club.  The interior features a soft fleece lining, while outside are a chalk pocket and the Peradon logo embroidered in white.  Of course, your cue case is part of your style which is as individual as you are.  Some players prefer Laperti cue cases with their faux leather finish and shoulder strap.  Just browse our range of centre jointed cue cases and find the one which is right for you.

Of course, one thing all our 2 piece snooker cases have in common is the protection they offer.  A well cushioned case will keep the shaft of your cue smooth and free of the tiny nicks and scratches which can ruin the experience of playing with an otherwise fine piece of equipment.  With their handy size and convenient portability, these 2 piece pool cases are the ideal solution for beginners and seasoned players alike.

For the best deals on all cue sports equipment is just a click away, so log on today and find everything you need for snooker, pool and billiards.