Snooker And Pool Cues
The Cuepower 1 piece, centre jointed and 3/4 jointed cues are available from inexpensive machine spliced snooker cues to the hand spliced professional quality snooker cue with exotic wood veneers made of Snakewood, Mexican Rosewood or Cocobolo. The Cue Craft Triumph 4 piece snooker cue range is our latest addition and features the latest solid, brass semi-quick lock joint with beautifully hand spliced veneers. Our American Pool Cue section contains over 80 cues from the top ranges of Peradon, Buffalo, Cue Craft, Balabushka and many more. The 8 Ball Pool section has a selection of cues with a varied style from a simple ½ or ¾ to a 4/5 joint, even some cues with ½ and 4/5 Joint. Beautifully styled cues with tip sizes down to as small as 8mm.