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Snooker and Pool Cues

Snooker And Pool Cues

At Cuepower, we are suppliers of quality snooker and pool cues, where we offer a range of options for our customers. As standard, they are available as one piece, centre joined or 3/4 jointed. Some of the pool cues are also available with a joint at the 4/5’s position and in the centre and 4/5’s position.

We stock snooker and pool cues for a range of abilities, from affordable machine-spliced cues, as well as professional quality handmade cues. With these, you have the option of selecting one of our exotic wood veneers, including Snakewood, Mexican Rosewood and Cocobolo.

We are proud to also present our Cue Craft Ultimate snooker and pool cue range. This enables you to select every detail of your cue to craft the perfect specimen for your game. You can specify the length, weight, and tip size when you make your purchase.

Additionally, we offer over 80 different cues within our American Pool Cue section, with leading brands such as Buffalo, Balabushka, and Universal. Furthermore, to help you choose the perfect pool cue, you can adjust your joint type when selecting a cue from our 8 Ball Pool category, with cues from Cue Craft, Peradon and more. Likewise, you can select a variety of lengths, weights, and tips.

At Cuepower, you’re sure to find the perfect pool or snooker cue to play with, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned professional.