Are All Snooker Tables the Same Size?

When it comes to the size of snooker tables, there is an easy answer to the question above: no. Although technically, the measurements of a standard snooker table should be 356.9 cm (11 feet 8.5 inches) by 177.8 cm (5 feet 10 inches), this is only the case from a full-size table, with six pocket holes at the corners and at the centre of each side of the longer side cushions. It is necessary to supply snooker tables in a range of other sizes in addition to this one due to the large size of a typical full-size snooker table, and the fact that not all rooms are able to accommodate such a grand item. By stocking a range of different sizes, the market is increased, and smaller snooker tables may be fitted in rooms to give adequate space for the game to be played.

Snooker Tables Sizes

Often the full-sized snooker table will be rounded up to 12 feet in length. The practicalities of the game mean that there are less options when it comes to size and snooker tables, when compared with their cousin, the pool table. Snooker uses 22 balls in a normal game, so the tables need to be bigger to accommodate the game as it is traditionally played, whilst for pool, you only need 8 balls. However, even the availability of a smaller 10-feet long snooker table will offer a bit more leeway when it comes to fitting it into your home or building. It is vital you choose the right size, as it is not simply a case of the table fitting into the space, but also whether players will be able to manoeuvre around it with long cues in tow.

Pool Tables Sizes

If a 10-foot snooker table is still too big for your space, you may want to think about getting a pool table instead, available in a wider variety of sizes due to the lesser amount of balls required to play. You may find snooker tables between 6-9 feet long, but the smaller the table, the further way the likeness to the professional game, how it is intended to be played. Most pool tables in the UK are 7 feet long, and this is the size you will find in most pubs, but it is possible to get those which are 8 or 6 feet long. On the other hand, American pool tables, as you might expect, are bigger. They are generally available between 7 and 9 feet long.

CuePower Products

Here at, we offer both snooker tables and pool tables in a range of sizes and styles. We supply a classic snooker table, available at either 10 feet or 12 feet in length. Traditional pool tables are available as small as 5 feet, and go up to 6 or 7 feet, depending on the product. We supply American pool tables from brands including Riley, Buffalo, and SAM. Depending on your chosen table, these pool tables are measured at either 7 feet, 8 feet or 9 feet long.


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