All About Table Football

Table football – also known colloquially as foosball – is a table-top game, loosely based on football, whereby the aim of the game is to scores as many goals in your opponent’s goal. It consists of two sets of rotating control knobs with ‘players’ fixed to each one as you and your opponent battle it out to knock the ball into the opposing goal. Here at Cuepower, we have a wide range of tables for table football from Mightmast, Bonzini, and Garlando. Read on to find out more about the table football products we have for sale.

Mightmast Tables

We have nine table options from Mightmast, including a mini version which is best for use with children and families. The standard sized tables include a light wooden table, which is slightly smaller than the others at around 4-foot-long. Often featuring handy cup holders, other options are over 5 foot long, and come in silver-grey, black and chrome featuring robotic-style players, an Italian FAS table in red and blue, another with an additional black option, ice-blue, beech block effect, and a blue and white outdoor table.

Bonzini Tables

Our range of Bonzini tables boasts ten different options. These are premier products, suitable for professional use, with a price tag to match their quality. Not only are they extremely heavy-duty, but they are also works of art in their own right, making this original French manufacturer stand out with the use of heavyweight eech cabinets, hand polished aluminium and steel components alongside perfectly machined mechanics. Each model offers a unique design that will act as a centre piece in your home or venue. Steeped in history, these football tables ooze class, whether in traditional wooden designs, or more contemporary designs such as the limited edition B90 table commissioned by the FA for the England football squad to take to Japan for the 2002 World Cup.

Garlando Tables

One of the largest ranges of semi-professional football tables, our Garlando tables  offer a whole host of designs, varying in colour and style, at a range of price points. There are a variety of different types of wood used, with both dark and light finishes, as well as those that come in bright colours, and a unique F1-Goal table with an illustrated design on the cabinet. There is also the option to have a foldable design, which enables users to store the football table away when not in use in order to save space. There are also tables with adjustable legs, which is ideal for families to adjust to the height of any children playing.


As well as the tables themselves, here at Cuepower, we also stock accessories to go along with these products. We offer a variety of balls for the game, including a black and white football-style ball, a pack of ten standard balls from Garlando, larger balls with high control, heavy cork balls (traditionally found on many French football tables) in packs of fifteen, and ITSF-B balls for professional use, also available in packs of fifteen. In addition, we also sell ‘slidy’ spray, which is a type of lubricant that can help to protect the bars and roller bearings of the table. We also supply pendant lights from Bonzini, creating a great atmosphere with traditional lighting, designed to be fitted over the football table.

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