Our Tips for Buying Snooker Tables

Here at Cuepower, we are pleased to supply our customers with snooker tables, and today we are going to shine the spotlight on this item and provide you with some top tips for purchasing your own snooker table, so you know what elements you need to consider when looking at which snooker tables are for sale.

Table Cushions

The table cushion refers to the parts at the side of the snooker table, where your balls may bounce against during play. When considering table cushions, this is an important element due to the speed and angle of the response. They can be pricey to replace, so get it right the first time with a snooker table with the best quality cushions out there.

Table Cloth

The cloth on the table should be ideally made of 100% pure woo, which has a directional nap on the surface. You can tell this as stroking one way will feel smooth, and the other with feel rougher. The desired effect is that there is less friction when the ball is in motion, offering a smooth play.


We offer leather pocket plates, which should be securely fastened in order to fully cover the brackets, allowing for adequate support for heavily struck balls. This protects the balls as they strike the bracket, before being dropped into the net.


A quality snooker table will have a bed of slate, and here at Cuepower, we offer a high precision diamond-honed 3-piece or 5-piece slate table, depending on the size selected. The smaller size making use of 3 slate pieces, and the larger making use of 5. Slate provides more consistency than alternate options, and the level surface allows balls to run true. The slate lays flat, resting under the frame, offering you the best play possible in this way.


You snooker table should offer a table framework that is strong enough to carry the weight of the slate bed. Quality furniture timbers should be used, and here at Cuepower we offer either a mahogany wooden frame or a solid oak frame. This ensures that the wood is able to continue to take the strain over time, providing you with a long-lasting product that is worth the investment for its quality.

Snooker Tables at Cuepower

We supply snooker tables from Sam Tagora, which are available as either 10 feet or a full size snooker table at 12 feet, in either mahogany or solid oak. In addition, we also supply an extensive range of lighting options for snooker tables, to make sure your game is played in the best possible light. Both snooker tables are supplied with two cues, one set of snooker balls, a triange and chalk.

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