Cleaning a Felt Pool Table – How to Guide

Whether you have American or English pool tables, either in a domestic or commercial setting, we have some tips for you to help you keep it in good repair and to show you how to clean the felt.  First of all, it is worth mentioning that even if you find your pool table felt has become stained or damaged beyond repair, we also have the napless and napped felt available, along with markers to reline faded table markings, and a whole host of other components allowing you to completely revamp your existing pool table.

Why is it important to keep a pool table clean?  Well apart from the obvious fact that it won’t look very nice if it is covered in dust and has stains all over, it can seriously affect your game.  How?  Unless you are a serious player, most people give very little thought to the reason for using felt material to cover you’re the slate bed.  Having a fabric cover not only makes it look good, but it provides resistance to the rolling ball.  This helps you to aim your shot precisely so that you can hit your target.

Therefore, any extra chalk dust, general dust, crumbs and grease from food, or sticky spillages, can change the dynamics of the game, making what is supposed to be game of precision much less enjoyable to play, and a lot harder to get that winning shot.

Here are some tips therefore on how to make sure your pool table is kept clean and ready for use at any moment.

  • Maintenance

To avoid damaging or marking your felt cloth we recommend that drinks and food be kept away from the tables as much as is possible.

We have micro fibre towels available for players that can be used to avoid spreading any grease or perspiration onto the pool cloth.  We also recommend using a pool table cover when it is not in regular use.

  • Brushing the Cloth

When it comes to the kind of cloth on the surface, American pool tables and British pool tables differ in this regard: whereas the American game uses a napless cloth, that offers less friction, the English game uses fabrics with slightly raised fibres that can be felt when you brush your hand over the cloth.  We have a selection of brushes that can be used for both.  However, with the English pool cloth it is best to brush in the direction of the nap.  This will not only help you to remove the dust more easily, but it will not wear out the fibres quite as much.

All of the pool table cleaner brushes available at Cuepower are shaped in such a way so that the bristles can get right into where the cushions are placed, removing any dust that has become wedged between the table surface and the sides.

Rather than brushing your table using flicks and sweeps, try to hold the brush down to the surface so that the dust will not fly into the air, only to land back on the table later when you have finished.  You can then direct the dust, chalk, etc down the pockets and into a brush pan or other container.

For more information on the pool maintenance, accessories and parts and spares we have available to enhance your game, contact us today at Cuepower.