All About Our Accessories

Here at, we have an extensive range of accessories within ten different categories. Within our accessories section, you will find chalks and chalk holders, cue extensions, cue racks, player accessories, practise equipment, rests, scoreboards, snooker and pool balls, table maintenance, plus tips and re-tipping. Read on to find out more about the accessories in each category.

Chalks and Chalk Holders

We stock chalk for a range of table sports, including billiard, pool and snooker. As well as the chalk, we also offer chalk holders to provide easier play. We have items to suit the most modest budget to the most extravagant, in a range of colours and styles. The simplest design is made from rubber and attached with string, but we also offer magnetic chalk holders in plastic or leather.  There’s also a Peradon leather cue chalk pouch, which easily clips onto your belt or waist band.

Cue Extensions

Within our range of cue extensions, we have everything you need to extend your cue. You can see mini butt extensions from around 6 inches, to longer extensions up to 30 inches, as well as telescopic extensions that offer more control. Additionally, there’s also a selection of weights and protectors you can add to your cue.

Cue Racks

We mainly stock cue racks from Peradon, a manufacturer based in Liverpool. There are many different kinds of cue racks in this range, including both wall mounted cue racks or free-standing cue racks. Prices can vary to suit your budget, and may depend on the number of cues you need to store in the rack. Most cue racks can hold between 4 and 18 snooker and pool cues. In this section, we also offer on-the-go storage for your pool cue with our portable leather cue caddy. Available finishes include classic mahogany, dark maple, brushed steel and oak with brass cue clips. There are also options that offer more than just storing cues, such as those with corner stands with drink holders, ball storage and areas for accessories.

Player Accessories

In the player accessories category, you will find lots of other types of accessories including cue tip cement or glue, tip burnishers, shaft slickers and polishers, cue towels, cue papers, cleaning products, grip tip tools, wallet kits, and other items that may also be found in other categories.

Practise Equipment

Our range of practice equipment is designed for you to perfect your play from anywhere. It includes special training balls, and surface systems, frames and manuals made to help you with your aim for different targets.


We offer a range of different rests in a variety of styles. There’s also a choice of different colours and finishes, including black, white, chrome, black chrome and brass.


Our scoreboards available include simple marker strips, and more deluxe scoreboards for two or more players. You can also light up the scoreboard with our antique bronze lamp.

Snooker and Pool Balls

The balls we sell are also divided into different categories, whether you are looking for pool balls, snooker balls or American pool balls. In this section you will also find specific ball accessories, ball cases, ball cleaners, billiard balls, practice balls and spare balls.

Table Maintenance

In our table maintenance category, you will find marker pencils, mending plaster, replacement spots, brushes, table iron spares, cloth cleaner, adhesive sprays, nappers, covers, and trolleys.

Tips and Re-tipping

Finally, we have a range of different cue tips for tipping and re-tipping, as well as tip shapers to shape and file tips as desired, superglue, cement and tip clamps. Here you wll also fund other tip tools, including the Cuetec Bowetie that acts as a shaper, scuffer and tip aerator/poker, a ferrule cutting machine, and complete repair kits from Tweeten and PowerGlide.

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If you would like more information about our range of accessories, please get in touch with our team. You can speak to us directly by calling 033312 147 147, or via email at We will be pleased to assist you with any queries you may have for us.