Cue Racks

Cue Racks

Here at, we aim to provide affordable, efficient and discreet snooker and pool cue storage for a wide variety of private and commercial venues. Whether playing snooker or pool in the comfort of your own home or providing a location where players can come together to compete, our snooker cue racks and pool cue racks are sturdy and reliable implements which ensure your cues are stored safely and securely away from accidental knocks or scrapes. To a snooker or pool player, a cue is an investment and, when maintaining the quality and safety of your cue, you are guaranteeing its longevity and value.

At, currently we primarily supply snooker cue holders and pool table cue racks from Peradon, a manufacturer based in Liverpool, however, we do supply a variety of distinct types and styles of cue racks, whether they be wall mounted cue racks or free-standing cue racks, at a variety of different prices; these range from simple Cue Rack Clips at £2.65 all the way up to the Peradon Circular Cue Stand at £595.00. We supply an assortment of different cue racks to suit both your budget and the number of cues you wish to store at the venue in which you play.

The wall mounted cue racks that we supply can hold between 4 and 18 snooker and pool cues, depending on which one you purchase, with the average sized pool cue wall rack holding 6 cues at any one time. We also provide a means to store your pool cue on the go with our portable leather cue caddy. A variety of different finishes are available to purchase, including classic mahogany, dark maple, brushed steel and oak with brass cue clips. We also provide unique styles that are aesthetically pleasing, like our oversized 8 Ball cue rack, or more practical items that offer more than just storing cues, such as corner stands with drink holders, ball storage and areas for accessories.

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