How to Design your Own Cue

If you’re looking for a cue that is perfectly suited to you, as well as exploring our extensive collection at Cuepower, we also offer our customers the choice to design their own cues. This can be done easily online via our online Peradon CueWizard. You can even receive an 8% discount from your total order. In order to create your own bespoke cue, we will cover the six different aspects of personalisation here.


The first decision you will have to make is about your cue shaft and length. Most options are made from North American ash, with grades between P20 and P1600. Additionally, there is a maple option, which consists of a grain that is not as visible as the ash cues, offering a more rigid play and a smooth, clear appearance. We provide over 30 different cue lengths, with a standard full-sized cue being 58 inches long. It is worth keeping in mind that 8 ball English pool cues are typically shorter, measuring at between 55 and 57 inches. In order to be sure what length is ideal for you, hold a cue over the table with your forearm vertical from hand to elbow. Your perfect cue would have 12 inches of the shaft extending from the bridge hand to the cue’s tip.


The butt of the cue is usually where it carries the most weight. Within this area, you can specific the weight of the cue, from as little as 16 ounces, to as much as 23 ounces. You can select a butt timber of either ebony or rosewood, either hand-spliced or machine-spliced, or no additional butt timber. You can select no joint, or specify the joint in the centre, or between 12 and 16 inches through or above the butt or points, or above points. You then need to decide whether a dome joint is required, which enables the user to remove 8 inches from the butt of the cue, and play with the domed-shaped shaft, but this will then restrict you as you can’t also select large decorative splices on the butt due to the position.


You can opt for having no splices, or decide between small or large splicing. You can have one splice, or four splices. It is worth noting at this point that hand-spliced cues have rounded tips, and that the splice itself also curves from the base to the tip. On the other hand, machine-spliced cues have straight, pointed tips, and have straight rather than curved features.


Next, you can choose your style of tip, which includes the following options: Elk Master, Elk-Pro, Blue Diamond, or Talisman Pro. The tip size ranges from 7mm to almost double that at 13mm. Your chosen tip will depend on the typical ball size being used, as well as simply your personal preference. Note that snooker cue tips are usually between 9.5mm and 10mm, but English 8 ball pool cue tips are typically between 8mm and 8.5mm. It is recommended to go larger rather than smaller, as you can thin it down afterwards if there is an issue with this aspect. Then you can decide between a solid brass ferrule, or a black fibre one.


You can select an extension between 12 to 16 inches telescopic or 12 to 35 inches telescopic, which means you can adjust it to suit your specific needs in different situations. You can also opt for a 20-inch extension ebonised, or a small 6-inch mini butt extension.


Finally, you can personalise your cue further by adding a name plate or brass disc, including the option to customise the cue with an engraving of your choice. We offer three fonts to choose from, including Roboto, Alex Brush, or Lora. When you have completed this final step, you can simply save your design and place your order.

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