A Buyer’s Guide for the Best Pool Table

Pool tables have been a staple in many game rooms at homes. That’s why it’s not surprising if you’re considering buying one. There are things you will want to consider if you want to have the best pool table. You need to check the sizes, style, and prices among many others to determine if the table is ideal for your family and friends to use for a long time. Continue reading to know how to purchase the best pool table.



A standard pool table is 8 feet long. This size is commonly seen in small bars or homes. These are recommended for game rooms, basements, or extra rooms at homes. Aside from having a nice mid-size among large tables, standard pool tables save space and are easier to play on.


Large pool tables are available in 9-foot and 10-foot sizes. These are usually used in billiard rooms or pool halls.


A bar pool table has a length of 7 feet. This is another good size if you have a small space.


Mini pool tables have a length size of fewer than 7 feet. They are the tabletop and portable types.


The sturdiest and best surface for pool tables is slate. But this is also the priciest. This is the only approved surface of professional billiards since it provides the ideal rolling of the ball, and its weight maintains the surface level longer.

There are more affordable options such as three-piece or slate-alternative surfaces. These provide the same weight and quality. Another is MDF or wooden bed surface which is more affordable and is what most pool tables in the market are made of.


Many surfaces of pool tables are a combination of nylon and wool. This makes the surface durable and playable. There are various levels of quality made for a tournament or recreational play.


There are 3 primary types of frames. These are solid, metal, and manufactured. Solid frames are the best in terms of durability and support especially when they’re installed with a slate surface. Metal and manufactured frames usually have an MDF surface making them more affordable.


Felt Colours

You have many felt colours to choose from for your pool table’s play top. If you want a vintage look, you can go for red or green. Going for a subdued appearance, you can opt for traditional hues such as khaki or camel.


There are also various finishes for pool tables. A medium wood stain or black finish is the classic option. But, if you want to have a customized design or a logo of your sports team to complete your game room’s vibe, metal tables are recommended for you.

Pool Accessories

You have to consider pool table accessories since there are many needed for your pool table. Here are some basic billiard accessories you will need to play a standard billiard game:

  • Pool cues​
  • Billiard balls
  • Cue chalk
  • Cue racks
  • Pool ball racks or triangle
  • Table brushes
  • Bridge sticks
  • Table covers


Finally, you know some of the things to check to buy the best pool table. It doesn’t matter if you play billiards for leisure, want to improve your skills or are a pro. Having the right pool table and accessories are important.

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