How to Hold a Pool Cue

Regardless of whether you play in competitions, or you just play pool every now and again, it always feels good when you get a perfect shot.  If you are learning to play, or you wish to do better at the game, do not assume that all you need is a cue, table and the pool […]

A Buyer’s Guide for the Best Pool Table

Pool tables have been a staple in many game rooms at homes. That’s why it’s not surprising if you’re considering buying one. There are things you will want to consider if you want to have the best pool table. You need to check the sizes, style, and prices among many others to determine if the […]

Why do we need Pool and Snooker Cue Cases?

Whether you’re playing American pool or not, or whatever type of cue you are using, the fragile nature of a cue means it will need protection.  Ash and Oak are strong hardwoods; however, this does not guarantee full protection against it splitting, breaking in half, becoming warped or getting scratched. The composition and shape of […]

Pool Cue Supplies

When you are playing pool, choosing the right pool cues, not only for you as a player but for the individual shot you wish to make, is an essential part of the game.  As the game of pool is all about strategy, precision and calculation, putting thought into the selection of your pool cues is […]