Pool Cue Supplies

When you are playing pool, choosing the right pool cues, not only for you as a player but for the individual shot you wish to make, is an essential part of the game.  As the game of pool is all about strategy, precision and calculation, putting thought into the selection of your pool cues is as much a part of the game skill and play as the shots themselves.

Cuepower.co.uk provide a selection of pool tables, accessories and cues to suit all levels of skill, for beginners and experienced players alike. The various types of pool tables available can be matched with suitable pool cues and subsequent accessories available. For example, if an establishment wishes to purchase a pool table suitable for customers to play with their friends and family while enjoying a night out, then Cuepower provide cues that can be shared and used by any player.  Cuepower also supply short pool cues to suit any one person or unique play shot, should the usual length not be fit for the purpose. They can also provide pool cue wall racks to keep the cues safe and tidy when not in use, and the all-important pool cue chalk.

However, for the more avid professional, and serious players there are other selections and purchases available to enjoy and enhance the game, support the skill and improve upon the general enjoyment of the sport. Extra purchases such as a leather pool cue case or a pool cue towel, may seem unnecessary to beginners and novices, but these all help you to carry out your chosen hobby to the full.  Having a suitable towel for example, means you can keep you cue free of marks made by your hands and palms, meaning that each shot can be made with a steady hand with enough grip needed to be able to hit the cue ball on target and pot the pool ball.

Pool cues

Cues are made up of many different parts and sections. The main shaft of material makes the overall elongated shape of the pool cue or otherwise known as cue stick. This tapered piece of wood in an English pool cue is traditionally made out of ash, whereas American pool cues are usually made out of maple.  They are shaped this way to allow for precision when aiming at the cue ball.   Other components on the cue stick include the ferrule which is made out of metal and holds the tip end in place.  The ferrule is able to protect the wooden shaft, preventing it from splitting and breaking on impact with the cue ball.

Leather tips are glued to the ferrule and then kept in good condition by using pool cue chalk at the end of each shot, maintaining the amount of friction needed to hit the ball correctly with the right amount of force.

There are lots of choices in pool cues at Cuepower, but among our choices we stock the Balabuska pool cue, the Buffalo pool cue and the Cuetec pool cues.