Why do we need Pool and Snooker Cue Cases?

Whether you’re playing American pool or not, or whatever type of cue you are using, the fragile nature of a cue means it will need protection.  Ash and Oak are strong hardwoods; however, this does not guarantee full protection against it splitting, breaking in half, becoming warped or getting scratched. The composition and shape of a cue stick makes it susceptible to damage.

Leaning pool cues against a wall, as well as leaving them near a heat source such as a radiator or a window in summer can begin to warp or bend the cue out of shape.  Having a wall mounted cue rack that can keep them supported when not in use can help to keep these important tools of the game safe and in tip top condition.  However, this does not allow for any possible damage during the transportation of your pool or snooker cues, when travelling around to another club or event.  For protection from such threats, you may wish to consider having custom pool cue cases made.

At Cuepower.co.uk there is an understanding and acknowledged respect for the equipment and accessories needed to make these much-loved games enjoyable and manageable.  It is not just important to have the right equipment, but also to be able to take care of it using products specifically designed for that purpose.  With that in mind, there are four different categories of cue cases available.  One type is the 3/4 Jointed Cue Cases, which provide support at the butt end of the cue, in order to protect the join that is normally a screw joint.  This joint can be made using one of several materials, all susceptible to damage without the proper case and protection. The same support is provided in centre jointed cue cases.  The choice of snooker cue cases for sale take the measurements of each of these jointed cues into account and therefore come with the length and width specs on each specific web site page.

Some of the Laperti cue cases on offer are designed to hold multiple cue shafts and butts as needed.  For example, one Laperti black pool cue case design available at Cuepower.co.uk is suitably made for 8 Shafts and 4 Butts.  This allows for you to adjust your pool cues continually during play, making it possible to achieve that winning shot, and eliminating the need to just make do with whatever cues are available at the venue around the table. The extra pockets and compartments available on a lot of these pool cue cases are suitable for cloths, chalk and other such items.  The materials available range from a tough aluminium case with catches, capable of protecting your cues from all kinds of damage including warping or damp caused by temperature variations, to the sturdy more flexible soft faux-leather cue cases with a zip.

There is no doubt that you will find that cue cases are invaluable in the world of snooker and pool!