Kamui Black Quickdry Glove




Kamui Black Quickdry Glove

Kamui Black Quickdry Glove – It is always essential to eliminate external factors such as humidity and sweat on your hands to allow your fluid ability on the table. The KAMUI GLOVE protects you from external factors and allows you the chance to focus even under immense pressure.

The KAMUI GLOVE allows you the chance to focus on your game imagining your next shot. Experience the fluidity you are looking for in your game.

  • Quick-drying: Made of quick-drying fabric so that you can have smooth strokes, accurate shooting, and speed regardless of sweaty hands.
  • Flexible fit: Made of smooth, stretchable fabric so you can have a comfortable fit on your hand, even when playing for a long time.
  • Anti-Slip: Anti-slip pad attached to the palm, supports a more stable bridge and allows you more confidence in your game.

All new Quickdry model

  • Improved materials, providing advanced moisture-wicking; the cut, granting enhanced comfort; and the stitching, guaranteeing superior durability.
  • Available in Medium, L & XL
  • Left & Right Handed gloves available. (*Image displayed shows left hand cueing glove for right handed players)


Kamui Black Quickdry Glove

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