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Peradon Solid Brass Spacer Weight

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Peradon Solid Brass Spacer Weight

Peradon Solid Brass Spacer Weight – Adds approximately 3 ounces to the gross weight of a cue, and adds approximately three quarters of an inch to the gross length of the cue (20mm). This spacer weight fits all of the cues that we stock in our shop (all current Peradon cues) and only fits Peradon cues.

For a list of all of the cues which this weight might fit in to, please refer to the cue section of our store.


  • Adds approximately 3 oz to a cues gross weight.
  • Adds approximately 20mm to a cues gross length. (3/4 of an inch)
  • Durable, solid brass.
  • Fits all current Peradon cues (from centre jointed cues to 3/4 Jointed cues).

*Please note this Peradon Spacer Weight will only fit Peradon Cues, and is not compatible with Cannon Cues.


Peradon Solid Brass Spacer Weight

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