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Snooker & Pool: Cues, Tables & Accessories

We are  a long serving, well established and trusted provider of everything from within the worlds of snooker, pool and American pool.  Browse our shop and find your perfect pool or snooker cue,  along with cue cases, pool tables and all the accessories from top manufacturers such as Peradon, Cuecraft, PowerGlide and BCE. We have equipment and accessories for both amateurs and professionals and we regularly check our competitors’ prices to ensure we’re  offering the best value.

We take pride in offering fantastic customer service.  Here are a couple of recent comments:

"I have just received my Peradon Pro Snooker Cue. I'm very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the snooker cue and I can't wait to get down to my snooker club!"
"Thank you for your advice over the phone, I'm really pleased with the pool cue and the tip size is perfect."

  Snooker & Pool Products

Our Snooker and Pool Cue section is divided into 8 easily searchable sections:

Snooker Cues

Our snooker cue section is sub categorised with 1 piece, 2 piece (also known as centre jointed) and 3/4 jointed (also commonly called 3 piece) models. Within these sections you will find all the cues you could ever desire. We also offer the correct extensions and cue cases to match the relevant model.

8 Ball Pool Cues: Within the ever growing 8 ball pool cue section (also known as traditional pool cues) we have carefully selected a comprehensive range, from affordable cues to top quality handmade designs like the Saturn by Peradon to the Stunning Golden Arrow from CueCraft.

Design Your own Cue: You can also design your own snooker or 8 ball pool cue with the fantastic CueWizard software created by Peradon.  We even offer a 5% discount when you design your cue with us.

American Pool Cues

American Pool Cues: Our American pool cue range is one of the largest  online selections in the UK. We have nearly 80 cues, with prices ranging from under £30.00 to the incredible Adam Musashi range at £2640.00. To complete our offering we also have a separate section for jump/break cues. Essential to better your game, these are specially designed for those difficult break shots. Like all our cues this exceptional range has been created to suit all pockets.

Short Cues: If you’re looking for an affordable pool or snooker cue, this is most certainly the section for you. Here you’ll find all the short cues you could ever need, whether they are for budding Junior CueSport enthusiasts or for players that have limited space around their home snooker or pool tables.

Snooker and Pool Cue Cases

You’ll find it impossible to find a more complete selection of snooker cue cases. Aluminium cases for 1 piece, 1/2 jointed or 3/4 jointed snooker cues are the most hard wearing designs and we also stock stylish attaché cases that carry cues and their extensions.

Snooker and Pool Special Offers

We have put together a collection of snooker cues with the perfect case. For each package we have also selected a variety of accessories. Many of our snooker cues have  extensions and mini butts included in the price and come with a specially designed cue case.

York 3 Piece Snooker Cue Case Special Set. A well designed 1/2 and 3/4 jointed snooker cue that fits into a sleeve case along with the matching extension and accessories.
Lincoln 3 Piece Snooker Cue & Case Special Set. 3/4 jointed snooker cue and extension set, towel, chalk and tips.
Chester 5 Piece Deluxe Cue and Case Set. This cue splits into 3 pieces; it is jointed at the centre and 4/5’s position allowing the included extension and mini butt to be ease.
Buxton 5 Piece Snooker Cue & Case Special Set. This is our absolute best seller and is amazing value for money. The package features a well designed 1/2 and 4/5 jointed cue with mini butt and extension with accessories. A high quality case with brass corners and integrated accessories compartment is also included.
Chester 4 Piece Deluxe Cue and Case Set. This 3/4 jointed snooker cue is supplied with a mini butt and solid extension. The specially designed case holds the cue shaft, butt and both extensions.
Malvern 5 Piece Deluxe Cue and Case Set. This Malvern cue splits into 3 pieces; it is jointed at the centre and 4/5’s position allowing the included extension and mini butt to be easily fitted to the cue.
Malvern 4 Piece Deluxe Cue and Case Set. This   3/4 jointed snooker cue  is supplied with a mini butt and solid extension. The specially designed  case holds the cue shaft,  butt, and  extensions and has an accessories compartment.
Peradon York Professional Snooker Cue Package. This cue and case set is the ultimate package. We have chosen the flagship Peradon cue and paired it with their stunning Halo case.

American Pool Special Offers

Our American pool cue and case offer range features designs for both beginners and professionals. The sets have been put together to provide big savings without compromising on quality.

Shooter American Pool Cue and Case Set. A great looking cue styled from hard rock Canadian maple with a 13mm Le Prof tip. This package is completed with a tube style pool cue case, emergency push on spare tips, chalks and even a pool player cueing glove.
Stinger Shadowline with Stinger Jump-Break Cue and Case set. A fantastic cue with a 13mm Laperti tip matched with the power of the Shadow Line Jump / Break Cue. This offer is completed with a The Stinger special pool cue offer gives you even more for your money. A fantastic Shadow Line American pool cue with a 13mm Laperti tip matched with the power of the Shadow Line Jump / Break Cue. This offer is completed with a Laperti tube pool cue case and accessories, including a pool players 3 finger glove. tube pool case and accessories, including a 3 finger glove.
Dufferin Ranger No4 Cue and Case Set. High quality American pool cue with ultra smooth lacquer finish and tipped with a Blue Elf 13mm tip. The Birds Eye maple butt and Canadian hard rock maple shaft is completed with a polished stainless steel joint. The case and accessories make this offer great value for money.
Longoni Bison No5 American Pool Cue and Case Set. Fantastic, beautifully finished pool cue and case that is shock, temperature and humidity resistant. The cue has a 13mm Le Prof tip, ebonised decals and is finished off with a great accessories package.
Longoni Bison No7 American Pool Cue and Case Set.  Quality finished pool cue and case. The cue is fitted with a 13mm Le Prof tip and comes with matching  cloth and  chalks.
Longoni Bison No8 American Pool Cue and Case Set. This stunning cue has a high gloss finish with Irish Linen Grip and a 13mm Le Prof tip. The  case keeps your cue secure and is designed to hold the included accessories.
Cuetec Professional Players Set. This set is the ultimate American pool player’s package, comprising of all the top quality equipment you could ever need.

8 Ball Pool Special Offers

The 8 ball pool special offer section currently has 3 popular cue and case sets.

Canon React 8 Ball Pool Cue & Case Special Offer Set. The ¾ jointed traditional pool cue is fitted with an 8.75mm blue chrome tip and has a brass joint. It has a simulated hand spliced ebony butt with yellow veneer and snake wood decal. The shaft is ash and is topped with an 8.75mm brass ferrule.
Peradon Galaxy Special Offer Set.  Features a machine made 3 section 8 ball pool cue, a quality aluminium cue case with a CueCraft towel, chalk and spare tips. The Galaxy is a 55” English pool cue with an 8.5mm ferrule (average), just the right size to give the maximum amount of control on the small 1 7/8” cue ball.
Peradon Warrior Special Offer Set. Similarly, this set also includes a high quality cue, case, towel, chalk and spare tips. The Warrior is a full length 57” English pool cue with an 8.5mm ferrule (average).
CueCraft PC3 Special Offer Set. Includes a handmade 3 section 8 ball pool cue, aluminium  case with a CueCraft towel, chalk and spare tips. The PC3 is a 57” English pool cue with an 8.5mm ferrule (average).

Pool Tables

We have a wide range of traditional and American pool tables. Our multi-purpose pool tables are extremely popular and can feature table tennis nets, balls and bats. The multi games pool table also comes complete with air hockey and poker facilities for endless fun for all the family. Many of our pool tables also conveniently fold down.

Table Football

Table football is an ideal choice for those who have limited space in their home. Our range of tables features sleek and elegant designs such as the Garlando Pro Champion. Table football is the ideal game for your garage or garden for hours of family fun. For many years table football was only available in America. However, the game is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and there are now even table football championships taking place all across Britain. Purchase your table  today and get practicing.

Continuing our quest to offer quality sporting products at affordable prices, we also allow free delivery for all orders over £50. Contact our specialist team today for more information or help with your order - 033312 147 147.


Snooker and Pool Player's Practice Equipment.

Aramith Pro Cup American Pool Practice Cue Ball

Six red dots will also allow you to visualise the intentional and unintentional spin you apply.

Just One Frame

Unique easy-to-use snooker manual designed to help you become a better snooker player.

Aramith 2 1/16 Snooker
Champion Training Ball

Aramith Snooker Training Ball helps to achieve cue ball control fast.

Aramith Q - Tru 2 1/4
Training Pool Ball

This American pool and English pool training aid will help new or advanced players achieve far more cue ball control for better positioning on next shot.

Aramith Jimmy Rempe
Pool Training Ball

Jim Rempe's Special Training Ball is a 2-sided 2 1/4" (American Pool) training cue ball with a 56-page instructions booklet in English, French and Spanish designed for beginners and advanced players.

AngleBuddy Laser Training Aid

AngleBuddy Snooker or Pool Training Aid Including DVD HOW IT WORKS.

Aramith Mike Massey
Pool Aiming Ball

If you want to improve your cue ball control then the Massey Pool Aiming Ball is unique and efficient.


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