What Cue is Best for You?

It can be difficult to choose the ‘right’ cue for you, especially if you are new to the sport. There is a vast amount of variety out there and the depth of choice can be daunting; at Cuepower, we want to make that decision easier for you, by supplying a vast array of professional snooker cues, such as one-piece snooker cues, two-piece snooker cues, three-piece snooker cues and ¾ jointed snooker cues, so you can compete without being out of pocket in the process. Today we’re going to discuss the different types of snooker cues we supply and the benefits each one can have for you.

One Piece Snooker Cues

Many players trust one-piece snooker cues over their two and three-piece counterparts because they prefer the sturdy feel of one continuous piece of wood as they hit the balls on the table. This comes down to the feel of the snooker cue as you play and it is all dependent on your preference as a competitor. A one-piece snooker cue is much simpler and can be used straight away rather than being assembled. Transporting them, however, can be more awkward than with a collapsible cue, which can be put into a smaller snooker cue case. Some of the one-piece snooker cues we offer include the Cannon one-piece house cue or the Peradon Lazer one-piece snooker cue.

Two Piece Snooker Cues

Two-piece snooker cues, also known as centre jointed snooker cues, are some of the most popular purchases made by players. One of their most popular features is that they can be easily transported in small cases due to the fact they can be easily disassembled. All of our two-piece quality snooker cues come with either a stainless steel or brass joint and some will have the option of Mini-Butts. One of our more popular two-piece snooker cues is the Cannon Encore Snooker Cue, fitted with a solid brass ferrule and blue chrome tip for added style. Many of the snooker cues we supply are either from Cue Craft or Peradon whom are both leading manufacturers in the snooker and pool market; their products are of the highest quality and are always competitively priced here at Cuepower.

¾ Jointed Snooker Cues

¾ jointed snooker cues are popular with players as the cue is far better balanced than a centre jointed cue due to the weight of the joint being dispersed into the heavier timbers generally used in the butts. They differ from two-piece cues as they aren’t centre jointed, with the joint placed at the three quarter position of the cue. Many players prefer them as they tend to have butt joints fitted into the bottom of the cue so you can fit your mini-butt or longer telescopic extension and there is a much wider choice of cue case for this type of cue.  It all comes down to personal preference; at Cuepower you’ll find an array of attachments for ¾ joint snooker cues right here on our website. We supply the three major brands, Cue Craft, Peradon and PowerGlide and our prices across these brands range anywhere from £55.99 through to £419.82, depending on the brand.

The Cuepower Range

At Cuepower, we always look to give our players snooker cue special offers and snooker case offers, so you’re always playing the game you love without being out of pocket. Our professional snooker cues that can be bought online will serve you well and improve your game as you go forward playing as a snooker competitor.