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Talisman Pro Domed Snooker Cue Tips 9mm to 14mm 3 pack


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Talisman PRO Domed Snooker Cue Tips.

If you want to play your next league match and start getting astonishing, immediate results in the level and consistency of your game... or even just want to hold your own for your team then just read on.

Talisman cue tips are very affordable, just think about the money you spend on your equipment and table time, the cost of a Talisman is so little in comparison with what you will receive in consistency and confidence, but not only that, these tips far outlast most other tips on the market by 200 - 300%. Many players report using the same tip for over two years and Snooker halls have said that the tips are lasting nearly a year on house cues. No Mushrooming, requires little maintenance, superior ball control, precise side, spin and Masse, increased personal confidence, greater consistency, holds the chalk much longer, far outlasts single layer tips, latest technology and highest quality standards.

Talisman Pro Snooker Cue Tips

Talisman Pro Snooker Cue Tips

Cerocite Cue Tip Cement/Glue.

This is a powerful cerocite-based adhesive. This is fast acting cement that binds the cue tip to the ferrule in seconds. One bottle is enough to do hundreds of tip replacements.

This product has been specifically designed to install tips and has a mixture which can withstand and absorb the shock of the 'hit'. Other epoxies and glues bond well but the glue cracks from the hit and therefore can cause premature debonding causing the tip to pop off. This Cement absorbs the impact and does not crack.

Cerocite Cue Tip Cement/Glue

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 14 June, 2008.

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