Snooker Cues

It’s a fact that the passion that we may feel towards a particular sport can sometimes, to onlookers and the inexperienced, seem incomprehensible, even bewildering.  But, if onlookers should learn anything about that passion you may often see even the least likely of candidates to purchase the tools for the sport and start playing themselves, captivated by our own enthusiasm.

Of course as lovers of the sport of snooker, we need no introduction to it’s charms.  However, there as aspects of the sport that some of even the most avid players do not know about.  The history of any modern day sports can be just as fascinating as the rules and play of the games themselves, as a lot of sport originated in, and is entwined with other aspects of history.  For example, Snooker, started amongst British Army Officers stationed in India in the latter part of the 19th century.  It was then developed and given official rules by Sir Neville Chamberlain in 1884, and gained the name and title of ‘snooker’.  Even this word, strange and unrelated as it may seem, has a chapter of it’s own in the story.

This term came from a slang expression used to describe the inexperience and lack of skill from young cadets and new members of personnel.  Sir Neville Chamberlain also used the word when describing the performance of fellow officers when competing around the table.  This term stuck, and has been used as the professional, official term for the sport ever since.

But, along with the rules, the terms, and the skill, there have been more practical changes and developments. Snooker cues are the main instrument of the game, much in the same way as the type of ball is important in football, or the hockey sticks design is invaluable to hockey.  Professional Snooker cues have a niche all of their own.  This is because the game has developed in order to be played with more finesse, than for other cue sports.  The snooker table is bigger in dimension, the table cloth known as the baize has a texture that decreases friction, and the snooker balls and snooker cues are lighter and the tips narrower.  This means that not just any snooker cue will do.

A variety of snooker cues, with a range of materials and specifications are available from your leading online snooker cue suppliers.  Cuepower supply cases for one piece snooker cues, 2 piece snooker cues, and 3 piece snooker cues, that not only fit your needs and the skill required by the game, but help you to transport them from game to game with ease and convenience.

Whereas the simplicity of the game is part of it’s charm, it would be easy to misinterpret the level of skill and strategy involved in the game. Having the best professional snooker cues provided by a company that know the game, and the tools involved, is therefore invaluable to the beginner as well as to the skilful expert.