Quality Pool Tables for Sale

Everybody has a favourite sport, whether it is a spectator sport, a participation sport, or a combination of the two. One dictionary definition of sport says it is ‘an activity involving physical exertion and skill whereby a team or person will compete against others’. Another states it’s ‘an activity needing physical effort and skill, played and done according to rules’.  This explanation claims to cover a huge array of games and abilities. Pool, however, is about the ability of the players.  Rather than requiring speed or strength, pool like other cue sports, involves a high level of skill and technique. As regards using physical exertion, this sport is more of a mental task as balance and a steady hand are essential. The rules that have been developed require careful thought in order to deliver a shot with precision.

What are the tools or equipment that are essential to the game of pool?  As games go, it may seem pretty simplistic as the tools resemble a square table and some sticks.  To be more precise, you require a billiards table and a cue stick.  Each of these pieces of sports equipment are made to particular measurements and shapes that are crucial to a good game of pool or snooker. If you are looking to find some high quality pool table equipment for sale, you may wish to know more about why pool tables are made the way that they are.

Just as the balls of one cue sport may differ from those of another in terms of colour and size, a pool table has its own specifications. For example, a pool ball requires specific attributes such as hardness and resilience to impact and damage, as well as the correct surface structure to allow for the correct amount of friction between the cue, the ball, and the table surface.

The experts at Cuepower.co.uk have the very best pool tables for sale. They have given special care to choosing only the best quality new pool tables for sale for our customers. If you are new to the sport, consider some interesting facts.

American pool tables and British pool tables differ in terms of size. American pool tables are larger and the pool balls therefore also vary in size. The felt cloth that covers the high quality slate surface of the table is called baize and has a texture that slows the pool balls down by means of friction, which makes each shot the players take a calculation of force and resistance that turns the game into an art form. The cushions of a pool table are also covered in baize.  However, the baize covered cushions of the pool table are made from an elastic rubber material that responds to kinetic energy to allow a player to deliver clever shots from all angles of the table.

If you are interested in giving this game a ‘shot’, and are looking for new pool tables for sale why not check out our collection.