Wooden Tip Clamp - Includes Leather Strap

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Wooden Tip Clamp – Includes Leather Strap

Wooden Tip Clamp – Includes Leather Strap – A simple little gadget that does not mark your cue and is capable of holding cue tips sized from 8mm to 14mm.  When locking the clamp in place, ensure that the leather strap is between the ring and the cue which will prevent any damage to your cue.

This quality wooden cue tip clamp makes the task of fixing a new tip to your cue a doddle. When your old tip is removed and the cue end is dressed square and clean. Scuff the base of your new tip and ensure the surface is perfectly flat. Then glue the tip to the cue. Use this tip clamp to hold the tip in perfect place whilst the glue sets. Will work on all glue tipped pool and snooker cue up to 14mm tip diameter. Great for American pool and snooker cues


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