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Tip Master 6-in-1 Tip Tool

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Tip Master 6-in-1 Tip Tool

Tip Master 6-in-1 Tip Tool – A fantastic piece of kit.  It offers everything you need when playing your game to make running repairs to a jaded cue tip. This is quite a weighty and robust tool that will fit easily into your cue case, made of heavy duty plastic and steel.


  • Tip Burnisher, just twist & harden tip sides to prevent mushrooming.
  • Tip scuffer, loosens the fibres for better chalk retention.
  • Nickel or Dime tip shaper, create the ‘dome’ of your tip with ease.
  • Tip Pik, lots of metal spikes to penetrate the leather and ease chalk retention.
  • Tip Tapper, again used for chalk retention.

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