Taom 2.0 Snooker & Pool Chalk




Taom 2.0 Snooker & Pool Chalk

Taom 2.0 Snooker & Pool Chalk – This revolutionary chalk is available in green (Snooker) and Light Blue (Pool).

Taom Chalk is the new revolution of chalk industry. Since its introduction this hand made chalk from Finland has created quite a name for itself with many professional players saying that using this chalk they now enjoy ‘kick free’ snooker with no bad contacts. The composition of the chalk also reduces chalk dust so it does not mark the balls or cloth and even reduces chalk dust on player’s hands. Supplied as individual circular pieces in a blister pack.

All standard Taom Chalk is supplied in the revised 2.0 variant.

Please Note: the price stated is for 1 Piece of Chalk.


  • Available in a Snooker Variant (Green) and a Pool Variant (Light Blue)
  • Used by the pros
  • Grips the spin more than any other chalk
  • No Mess
  • Almost 2x Longer life than any other product

Taom Snooker & Pool Chalk


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