Talisman Pro Domed Snooker Cue Tips 9mm to 14mm - 3 Pack




Talisman Pro Domed Snooker Cue Tips 9mm to 14mm – 3 Pack

Talisman Pro Domed Snooker Cue Tips 9mm to 14mm – 3 Pack. These are for you if you want to play your next league match and start getting astonishing, immediate results in the level and consistency of your game… or even just want to hold your own for your team then just read on.

Talisman cue tips are very affordable.  If you think about the money you spend on your equipment and table time, the cost of a Talisman is little in comparison with what you will receive in consistency and confidence.  Not only that, these tips far outlast most other tips on the market by 200 – 300%. Many players report using the same tip for over two years and snooker halls have said that the tips are lasting nearly a year on house cues.

With Talisman tips, there is no mushrooming, they require little maintenance, they hold the chalk much longer and, they offer superior ball control with precise side, spin and masse.  With an increase in personal confidence, you will also gain greater consistency with your play.  The Talisman tip will far outlast single layer tips and you also will also benefit from the latest in technology and  the highest quality standards.

The Talisman range of tips are available in the most popular ferrule sizes and are available in four grades, being soft, medium, hard and extra hard.

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