Strachan Superfine Anti-Kick Traditional Pool Table Cloth




Strachan Superfine Anti-Kick Traditional Pool Table Cloth

Strachan Superfine Anti-Kick Traditional Pool Table Cloth – The ultimate English pool cloth. Strachan Superfine with Antikick™ technology gives you professional levels of speed, consistency and control. This leading cloth has been treated with SpillGuard™ to protect against stains and spills.

“Have you ever wondered what it is like to play snooker in the World Championships at the Crucible, Sheffield?
Now you can replicate that playing experience on your home or club table. Strachan Superfine with AntikickTM technology gives you the speed, consistency and control only before experienced by the professionals.
The new Strachan Superfine is a genuine innovation. It offers the club or home player the chance to replicate conditions only before experienced by the professional players. It is a light weight but durable, 100% wool, napped cloth that replicates the speed, control and consistency of the Championship No. 10 cloth used for all ranking pro tournaments since 1980, including the World Championships at Sheffield.

For snooker the new Strachan Superfine cloth has been selected by the International Billiards and Snooker Federation (IBSF) for all of its tournaments in 2019 including the IBSF World Championships.”


Strachan cloth has been made in the West of England since 1890. Strachan English pool cloth is regarded around the world as the leading brand in its market.  The choice of table manufacturers, operators, fitters, players, pubs and clubs, its superior nap provides players with unrivalled ball control, speed and positional accuracy.

For operators, pub and club owners, Strachan is a brand that can be trusted. It looks great from the moment it’s fitted, will continue to perform over its lifespan and will outlast its nearest rival.
Strachan is the official and exclusive cloth of the International Pool Players Association and the World 8-Ball Pool Federation and is endorsed by Heywood Pool and Snooker, DPT and other leading manufacturers of English pool tables.


Weight: 400g/m2 (29oz/yd) @ 162cm (64″)
Available Colours: Olive Green, Grey

Please note: All cloth pack dimensions are based on the table dimensions, not the slate.

Strachan Superfine Anti-Kick Traditional Pool Table Cloth

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Weight 2.6 kg


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