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Regal Snooker, American & English Pool ball Cleaning Machine

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Regal Snooker, American & English Pool ball Cleaning Machine

Regal Snooker, American & English Pool ball Cleaning Machine – The ‘REGAL’ 4th Generation, 3 Minute Ball Cleaning Machine!

The 4th generation Regal ball cleaning machine is a well-made, superior quality machine, that is super quick and easy to use. It takes up to 22 snooker balls or 2″ pool balls. Cleaning cycle is approximately 3 mins – spinning ultra fast for 1 min each way.

Using 100% wool rings and a wool base, the cleaning is super-efficient at removing grease and dirt from the balls, bringing them up to a highly polished finish and looking like new. Use with a sanitiser to help kill germs and viruses.

With balls cleaned in 3 mins, tables can be back in action with new players quickly, safely, and easily. We recommend the Regal ball cleaning fluid – it works well. We supply the ball cleaning liquid, spare woollen rings, and the woollen base disc. The machine is low maintenance and easy to clean.
• UK supplied with a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty
• Superior build quality with low operational noise and vibration
• Automatic, ultra fast, 3 min cleaning cycle
• Machine is simple to use and low maintenance
• Economical – uses little cleaning fluid per clean
• Replaceable wool cleaning parts – easy to change
• Double sided wool cleaning base – use reverse side
• 4 x height adjustable, rubber feet
• Automatic safety cut off switch, if ball holder removed
• Spare switch, fuses, steel brush and spanner included

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