Peradon Warrior Special Offer Set

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Peradon Warrior Special Offer Set

Peradon Warrior Special Offer Set has a cue that is made with a carefully selected ash shaft, a four-pointed ebony butt, blue veneer and an ebony front splice.  This Peradon 8 ball pool cue is fitted with two, solid brass, “quick-action” joints which releases within a maximum of 1½ turns. The Warrior is fitted with a second quick-action joint, allowing the bottom eight inches to be removed when playing in restricted spaces, as well as having the more usual centred joint which allows this pool cue to fit in a standard, two piece cue case.  These English made Peradon cues come with an 8 to 8.5mm Elkmaster tip, perfect for playing English 8 ball pool.  

This fantastic cue also comes with a Cue Craft aluminium silver case, which has a thick foam interior designed specifically to grip the cue tightly, preventing the cue from moving inside the case.  Constructed using heavy gauge aluminium that provides maximum protection and security for your cue, the locks and keys are of German origin which are far stronger than similar cases.  Assembled by Cue Craft in England, this high quality cue case has gained a worldwide reputation for it’s strength and durability with strong plastic end caps that have been specially designed for their impact strength. 


Set Includes:

  • Peradon Warrior three sectioned traditional pool cue.
  • Length 57 inches” (145 cm).
  • Weight 17oz.
  • Tip 8 to 8.5mm.
  • One silver Cue Craft 2 piece aluminium case.
  • One Cue Craft cue towel.
  • Two spare 8.5mm Elkmaster tips.

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