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Peradon Tip-Mate Pricker and Shaping Tool


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Peradon Tip-Mate Pricker and Shaping Tool

Peradon Tip-Mate Pricker and Shaping Tool – A shaper, a scuffer and a tip aerator/poker. This clever and versatile little tool is bowtie shaped and all three tools are integrated within the neat stainless steel case.

As well as being able to shape the cue tip, this genius little tool can scuff the tip of your cue so it holds the chalk better and helps you to avoid miscues. Unscrew the “scuff” end of the tool to access the sharp little pins which can be used to poke and aerate the tip when it has glazed over, which again helps the cue tip to hold the chalk.

This is a really useful, top quality tip tool for every cue sport enthusiast, and has been designed with English Pool and Snooker!


  • Tip Shaper.
  • Tip Scuffer.
  • Tip poker/aerator.

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