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Peradon 6 Inch Rosewood Mini Butt Extension

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Peradon 6 Inch Rosewood Mini Butt Extension

Peradon 6 Inch Rosewood Mini Butt Extension. This mini screw on extension is designed to fit into a Peradon ‘butt end joint’ to quickly give that little extra cue length when required. It can however also screw directly into the shaft of a Peradon ‘¾ jointed’ cue from the current range to create a shorter cue enabling players (particularly pool players) to take shots in a restricted space. This timber extension is finished in a Rosewood colour, so suits any snooker cue with a Rosewood butt section.

The extension measures 6” in length. The male joint on the extension will fit directly into the female ‘butt end joint’ of a Peradon cue or will fit into the female joint in the shaft of a 3/4 jointed Peradon cue. The Peradon ‘Quick Action’ joint enables players to secure the extension to the cue or shaft precisely and quickly.

*Please be advised that the listed extension is intented for use only with Peradon brand cues.

Peradon 6 Inch Rosewood Mini Butt Extension


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