Legends Tips Genuine Leather Cue Tip Burnisher

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Legends Tips Genuine Leather Cue Tip Burnisher

Legends Tips Genuine Leather Cue Tip Burnisher – These hard strips of leather can be used to rub the sides of a layered tip so that the individual layers can no longer be distinguished. This small strip of leather is stamped with the Legends Tips logo and easily fits in most cue cases.

Using this burnisher is really simple; lightly moisten the edge of your tip, then whilst holding the leather burnisher to the edge of your tip spin the cue around, giving it a really smooth polished finish.


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4 reviews for Legends Tips Genuine Leather Cue Tip Burnisher

  1. Mark Nobbler

    I’ve been reading about these on different snooker forums and that they are a must have piece in your tip fitting toolbox. They work so well at sealing the side of the tip walls, no more loose leather and shines the ferrule. Well worth having

  2. Dick Lowe

    Without doubt the best piece of equipment you can have in your cue case, not only does it finish your tip to perfection but using it regularly to maintain your tip add longevity to it. No more sandpaper on the ferrule for me

  3. John smith

    Got to say I was doubtful that these worked but I got to say I was 100% wrong, it leaves your tip perfectly finished, well worth the money.

  4. Joe Jones

    A local tip fitter use a legends burnisher when he was finishing off retipping my cue, he explained what it was for and recommended I got one to keep my tip wall sealed. Now I would not go without one in my case. Such a simple idea yet so effective.

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