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Legends Pure Cue Tips


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Legends Pure Cue Tips

Legends Pure Cue Tips – We are pleased to bring to the Cue Sports Market the first certified Pure Pig & Alcohol by-product free cue sports tip.

Brand new tips, manufactured to Legends own specifications. The tips are manufactured the traditional way that a pressed tip should be made, the tips are pressed to the correct tolerance and the sides are then burnished and chalk powder is applied. The tips are then allowed time to settle and dry out fully so the texture and density is not lost in play and the fibres split like other brands tips.

The dark blue powder on the Legends Cue Tips is a very light dusting of chalk which easily removes when fitting your chosen grade tip, this acts as safe guard to protect the tip from moisture in transit. This is why we say Legends Cue Tips  are made the traditional way.
All new Legends Pure Tips are the first certified Swine & Alcohol by-product free Cue Sports Tip. Rigorously tested by ALS Europe, one of the world’s leading Analytical Laboratories, not only have they certified the product, they will continue to test on a 6-8 week cycle to maintain confidence in Legend’s product and claims.
  • 10mm Cue Tips
  • Certified free of all Swine & Alcohol by-product
  • Single tips & 3-Packs available
  • 3 x Tip packs feature all natural cardboard packaging
  • Soft – Medium (Red ident)
  • Medium – Hard (Blue ident)
  • Extra Hard (Black)

Legends 9Ball 13mm Cue Tips

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