Legends Mark Williams MW X-Tip Extra Hard Cue Tips

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Legends Mark Williams MW X-Tip Extra Hard Cue Tips

Legends Mark Williams MW X-Tip Extra Hard Cue Tips – For years, Mark’s plight with tips has been well publicised; as his desire to play with a “Rock Hard Tip” kept falling short due to the small tip size, alongside the general fragility of available leather. Often brittle, and frequently cracking and splitting under the constant impact on the same spot and side where Mark strikes the cue ball. Working with Mark and his Professional Tip Fitter Giles Martin we have developed the MW X-Tip which plays firm to his liking; yet has enough elasticity in the leather to prevent cracking and splitting in the same short period.

The tips are manufactured the traditional way that a pressed tip should be made, the tips are pressed to the correct tolerance and the sides are then burnished and chalk powder is applied. The tips are then allowed time to settle and dry out fully so the texture and density is not lost in play and the fibres split like other brands tips.

The dark blue powder on the Legends Cue Tips is a very light dusting of chalk which easily removes when fitting your chosen grade tip, this acts as safe guard to protect the tip from moisture in transit. This is why we say Legends Cue Tips  are made the traditional way.
New for 2021 – Soft & Medium Tips to exacting specifications of the MW-X Hard – Plus all new 11mm MW-X Hard Tips

Legends Mark Williams MW X-Tip Extra Hard Cue Tips

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4 reviews for Legends Mark Williams MW X-Tip Extra Hard Cue Tips

  1. Carl Black

    Asked Mark himself on Twitter about the tip he is using and he was right they are the best hard tip on the market.

  2. Elliot Jones

    I’ve been using the century c5 that that apparently was made for Mark Williams but it really is terrible so I went on line and found out Mark is using these Legends Tips for 2 years, after trying these tips I can see why, these are so good, no splitting or miscues an unreal tip and incredible value for money….

  3. Bryn price

    Had the pleasure of speaking with Mark about these tips at Celtic manor golf club last week, after trying them I know now why he put his name to them as the hardest tip ever. Unreal tip so hard yet responsive

  4. G McLeod

    Simply the best tip on the market today if you want a proper hard tip buy these. Also using the legends leather Burnisher to finish these tips makes these the nicest looking finished tips. Forget look further then here if your after a rock hard tip,

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