Kamui Leather Chalk Case




Kamui Leather Chalk Case

Kamui Leather Chalk Case – Offers players a new mess-free way to keep chalk. These Chalk Cases are made with real leather and are available in Black, Green, Dark Blue, Red, and Light Brown finishes. Insert your chalk facing out to keep from getting a chalky mess on your hands or reverse the chalk to keep the mess out of your case. What are you waiting for? Get your Chalk Case and keep chalk off your hands and where it belongs!


  • Premium Dark Black Exterior
  • High Quality Stitching
  • Side Snap Closures Keeps Chalk Secure
  • Made specifically to fit and hold 1 Piece of Kamui Chalk
  • Available in Black, Navy Blue, Tan, Red, and Light Brown

Kamui Leather Chalk Case

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