ITSF-B Pro Ball 15 Per Pack

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ITSF-B Pro Ball  15 Per Pack

ITSF-B Pro Ball  15 Per Pack are the balls the professionals use.  We now stock the ball that the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) have given their seal of approval to and which are used in all professional competitions internationally.

Table football aficionados have long debated the merits of traditional cork balls over the alternative plastic variety, but for now the debate may have just swung in favour of the new ITSF-B ball.  Offering the kind of grip and ‘stickiness’ that normally is only found in cork balls, these little yellow chaps have caused quite a stir.  Their rough surface means that the speed of play is fractionally slower but they offer a better grip and an increase in ball control.  Look out for the legend “itsf – B” which is stamped in to each of the fifteen balls.



  • Better ball control.
  • Perfectly weighted.
  • 11cm circumference.
  • 35mm diameter.


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