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Elk Master Snooker Pool Cue Tips 50


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Elk Master Snooker Pool Cue Tips 50

Elk Master Snooker Pool Cue Tips 50 – These Cue Tips are made in the USA by Tweeten’s Fibre Company, the same people who make Triangle and Masters chalk.

Made from a compressed leather, they have then been saturated with chalk which gives the cue tip a higher playing consistency. This has been proven to improve ball spin and reduce miscuing.  Available here as a box of fifty tips, choose your size from a choice of six different sizes: 9 mm, 9.5 mm , 10 mm, 10.5 mm, 11 mm and 13 mm.


  • Box of 50 Elk Master stick on snooker or pool cue tips.
  • Available in 8 mm, 8.5 mm, 9 mm, 9.5 mm , 10 mm and 11 mm.

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