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Dowsing DB2 Table Iron Spares


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Dowsing DB2 Table Iron Spares

Dowsing DB2 Table Iron Spares can help prolong the life of your table iron, which is such an important part of maintaining your snooker or pool table.

We have a complete list of available spares for the Dowsing DB2 Table Iron.

Pressure Pad£5.95£7.14inc.
Red Neon£5.95£7.14inc.
Dial with Label£5.95£7.14inc
Stand Ballfeet (set of 4 )£5.95£7.14inc.
Wooden Handle£8.50£10.20inc.
Lead Connector£8.50£10.20inc.
Complete Tray Stand£16.16£19.39inc.
DB2 Thermostat£20.42£24.50inc.
DB2 Element£37.44£44.93inc.


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