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Dowsing DB2 Snooker or Pool Table Iron

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Dowsing DB2 Snooker or Pool Table Iron

Dowsing DB2 Snooker or Pool Table Iron – Will help you to prolong the life of your table cloth. These quality table irons are the trades choice when it comes to cloth maintenance. They table irons come with detachable power cords and a heat proof plate for standing when not in use. Ironing your cloth after brushing and blocking is an essential part of your table cloth maintenance.  Keeping the nap pressed and smooth will ensure the cloth runs true and quick but also ensures longevity for your expensive cloth.

Main Features:

  • Thermostatically controlled for prevention of damage to cloth.
  • Amber light indicating set temperature has been reached.
  • Designed to iron to the edge of the cloth under the cushions.
  • Removable power cable.
  • Storage stand with heat proof plate.
  • Solid carry handle for safe transportation and manoeuvring of the iron on the table.
  • Built in safety cut-out.
  • Manufactured in the UK with a full 12-month Warranty.
  • For a full list of available spares please see our Dowsing DB2 Table Iron Spares.


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