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CueTec Vigor No 3 American Pool Cue

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CueTec Vigor No 3 American Pool Cue

CueTec Vigor No 3 American Pool Cue. The CueTec Vigor range marries the innovative technology of CueTec’s Power Bond shaft and Super Slim Taper, with classic floating point and diamond shape decals in machine age steel over dark woodgrain. The beauty of the clear maple grips shine through, topped and tailed by stainless steel joints and butt caps. The feel and beauty of real wood, the strength and resilience of modern hi tech composite materials.

Each Cuetec cue is crafted with a super-hard inner wood core for a sure solid hit, then power-bonded with resilient layers of fiberglass or graphite. The power-bonding process seals and protects against dents, warping and atmospheric conditions which can further damage a cue.

Superior balance and a professional taper add to the quality hit enjoyed by champions like Earl Strickland and Allison Fisher.  This stunning cue is centre jointed, 148cm in full length and finished with a 13mm Tiger Hard tip.  Have a look at the other CueTec products like the CueTec bowtie or the CueTec Jump Break cue which are also available here at



  • Ferrule: High Impact Composite.
  • Tip: 13mm Tiger Hard Tip.
  • Lacquer: High Quality ‘Car Industry’.
  • Bumper: Noise subduing rubber.
  • 148cm in Length.
  • Average Weight: 20oz–.

CueTec Vigor No 3 American Pool Cue


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