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CueStroke Trainer


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CueStroke Trainer

CueStroke Trainer – Comprises of a padded practice surface with two resilient transparent targets, marked with 21 separate target points.  Perfect your cue action by hitting through the first target and hitting the same point on the second target.  You can practice three different shots, short, normal and long depending on stroke power.  You can easily check how straight you are cueing by seeing if your cue tip hits the targeted spot on both targets.

The measured distance between the bridge hand and the first target is marked as 80mm for a gentle shot, 150mm for a normal shot and 200mm for a power shot.  Decide on the shot you wish to improve, for example the difficult “stun run through” then just select the power bridge hand position and play through the first target just below centre.

Practice in slow motion until you can control the cue motion to hit the second target at exactly the same place as the first. Then start to add power.

Simple Assembly:

  • Cuestroke consists of one Stroke Base and two film targets (supplied with 2 spare targets).
  • Adjust the centre line of the Stroke Base to the very centres of the two Targets.
  • Please be aware that the figures of the Targets should be seen clearly from the players view when the Targets are attached to the Stroke Base.
  • Peel off the self-adhesive backing tape and attach on Target to the front of the Stroke Base and a second to the rear.

What to be Aware of:

  • Practicing with CueStroke is far more condensed than being at a table, take sufficient rest to avoid injury.
  • Do not bend or fold the practice bed.
  • Please contact your supplier for replacement targets.

Product Specifications:

  • Assembly size: 190 x 620 x 75mm.
  • Components: 1 x Stroke Base, 4 x Targets.
  • Weight: 360g (NET 110g).
  • Materials: PVC, PVC foam, PET, Double-sided adhesive tape.

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