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Cuecraft Tip Glue

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Cuecraft Tip Glue

Cuecraft Tip Glue – A high viscosity, high quality tip glue, made and recommended by professionals in the cue making industry. Comes packaged in a 20gm oval bottle with the Cuecraft logo on the label.

This product has been specifically designed to install tips and has a mixture which can withstand and absorb the shock of the ‘hit’. Other epoxies and glues bond well but the glue cracks from the hit and therefore can cause premature de-bonding which may result in the tip to pop off. This adhesive absorbs the impact and does not crack.


  • High Viscosity.
  • High Quality.
  • Recommended by the professionals themselves.
  • Cuecraft Logo printed on to the label.
  • 20gm oval bottle.

Cuecraft Tip Glue


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