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Cue Craft Mirage Short Butt English Pool Cue


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Cue Craft Mirage Short Butt English Pool Cue

Cue Craft Mirage Short Butt English Pool Cue – Jointed at the 4/5’s position. This cue is machine spliced with rosewood and then hand finished. The butt of the Mirage short butt pool cue is made of rosewood which gives it a naturally balanced weight. Each Mirage short butt traditional pool cue is fitted with the best quality selected, straight grained American ash shaft.  All timber is hand selected and then rested for several months to ensure the best possible conditions for accuracy and reliability.  

The SilkLine finish gives the best quality and is unsurpassed at creating a glide and feel for lasting player confidence. The semi quick lock joint is a fast lock that only requires about a full turn and a half. Both the joint and the ferrule are made using the best quality polished brass.


Dimensions (Averaged):

  • Length: 57 inches / 144.78 cm.
  • Weight: 18oz / 510g.
  • Tip: 8.5mm.

Please Note: Cues made to your specifications may take 6-8 weeks to be delivered.

Cue Craft Mirage Short Butt 55inch English Pool Cue


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