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Crab Portable Leather Cue Rack – Suitable for 2 Cues

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Crab Portable Leather Cue Rack – Suitable for 2 Cues

Crab Portable Leather Cue Rack – Suitable for 2 Cues – Don’t settle for cheap plastic when it comes to a holder for your pool cue. These high quality pool cue holders feature beautiful leather workmanship, adjustable arms and a suction cup for extra gripping.

Fixes to any horizontal  shelf or table top with the lead weight and suction cup feature. Then you can rest your cues  in the soft leather curved holders to keep your cues just where you want them. No leaning the tip against the wall or letting your cue slide to the floor again. It’s small and portable so can be taken with you wherever you go. Take to your club, pub, home and away matches and secure your cue and keep it convenient. Will take up to two cues. Designed to accommodate pool or snooker cues, without denting or damaging the cue shaft.

Made from really strong tanned leather, with heavy lead insert to keep secure. Easy to  use and will last a lifetime. A great portable cue rack for you to  use wherever you are. Fits inside most cue cases thanks to its hinged leather arms which fold away when not in use. Beautifully presented in a quality covered box.


  • Weighted Leather
  • Lead Weight & Suction Cups
  • Arms fold away when not in use
  • Hold up to 2 Cues.

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